Comment pitcher son projet en quelques secondes?

14 janvier 2020

Comment pitcher son projet en quelques secondes?

Lalemy Virtue-Izzo est une changemaker Nigérianne qui a inventé « Tiny Hearts » pour lutter contre la jaunisse chez les nouveaux nés par le biais des lumières ultraviolets .

Grâce à sa technologie « The Crib A’glow Innovation by Tiny Hearts Technology », elle a remporté plusieurs prix dont un Award de #Unilever et le Prix #ChampionsofScience Africa Innovation Challenge Winner par #JohsonJohson.

Nous sommes toutes deux, lauréates du Programme Ashoka Changemakers Xchange Accra2018.

Dans ce texte, Virtue nous parle de comment faire le Pitch de son projet. Lisez.

Nota: Pour les francophones, copiez le texte dans un traducteur Google ou bing. Bonne lecture.


How you can confidently talk about your innovation in just few seconds?

Some of you have brilliant innovations that the world needs but the ability to properly articulate and present what you do is the problem.

Many times, you invest in high resolution videos and eventually don’t present properly….waste of time and funds.

Here are 3 major things you should consider while presenting…

1. Simplicity – in simple terms, say what you do or what your innovation is that even a layman can understand.

2. Choose your words-
You cannot say all about your brilliant idea in 1 minute so only use bullet points or pick your words wisely so that you don’t need to talk explain further.

3. Be excited about your own work.

Many innovators and entrepreneurs lack confidence in their own work even when it has been proven to work! I was in that space for years and I know what it feels like. Sometimes you’re afraid professionals in that field with jump at you to counter your findings.

Hey! Walk your talk! Be confident about your work/innovation. Don’t let your fears overcome you!